Welcome to Brainwashed Soap! We are a small family owned soap company dedicated to giving our customers awesome handmade soap and to giving back to our community. Our soaps are made with high quality oils, herbs and botanicals to ensure a fantastic bar of soap with lots of lather and skin loving moisture! Our vegan line is  handcrafted with sustainable palm oil from trusted sources.

A portion of our profits is donated to Mental Health Awareness.


We tried the chocolate last night. We liked the scent and it made our skin feel good afterward. Definitely a winner.

Chocolate Soap

Misbehaving is like an air freshener in my bathroom! It not only makes my skin smell amazing, it makes my whole bathroom smell just as good by sitting in my shower. It’s sudsy and bubbly and smells like blackberry heaven. I often sniff my unused bar simply for the joy of its scent.

Misbehaving is anything but..