Who are we?

I’m Amanda and he’s Danny. We are a husband and wife team that believes in caring and kindness.

We believe in helping others. We volunteer, Danny is in a service based occupation. We believe that others should be lifted up and do our best to help others feel better about themselves.

We both have a mental illness. Danny has depression, I have bipolar disorder (II). Our mission is to bring mental illnesses out of the dark and help to shed more light on them. There is still a stigma on mental illness, and it’s time to wash it away.

Soapmaking started out as therapy for me, about 15 years ago. When I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II (BP II), it was a way to help my mind relax while keeping my hands busy. We started our first soap company in 2011. Soon after that, Danny was diagnosed with depression, and Brainwashed Soap was born.
We believe mental health is as important as physical health, which is why we donate a portion of our profits to mental health awareness. Our goal is to wash away the stigma of mental health, provide solutions for clean bodies and advocate healthy minds, while leaving your body clean and relaxed.
Brainwashed Soap is a small soap company based in Lawrence, Kansas. We make our bath and body products in small batches, with quality ingredients.
Our products are made with care.

We believe people will feel good inside, if they feel good outside.